Winged Wheels: It’s time to step up

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The Detroit Red Wings opened up their tough six-game road trip with two wins and a shootout loss. The funny thing is Detroit won the first two games when it should have lost them. The shootout loss was the one game it should have won! It’s so funny how things in sports work out sometimes. I looked at this tough trip and hoped the Red Wings could muster up six points, which is basically going .500. They are close to pulling it off with two games remaining. Detroit lost 1-0 to the L.A. Kings Tuesday then play the San Jose Sharks on Thursday and end the trip in Nashville on Saturday.

I am starting to get a little bit nervous about Jimmy Howard between the posts. He has come back from his injury with mixed results, I believe.

He looked so good against the Chicago Blackhawks and then looked so horrible against the Dallas Stars. The one thing we all know about the NHL Playoffs is great goaltending is an absolute must if you want to win the playoff series and a Stanley Cup. The security blanket is the Red Wings have three quality goalies capable of winning games. I also know that Mike Babcock will not hesitate to pull a cold goaltender who is not getting the job done. Jimmy is the No. 1 goalie for now but Jimmy needs to get his act together. I really believe this Red Wings hockey club is capable of a serious run at Lord Stanley this spring.

Good moves

I thought the Detroit Pistons did a fabulous job at the trade deadline. They dealt away Kyle Singler, D.J. Augustine and Jonas Jerebko. D.J. was playing some pretty good basketball and that made him a wanted commodity. I thought Jonas and Kyle were players who were expendable and Detroit was going nowhere with them on the roster. The addition of guard Reggie Jackson, who can shoot the ball and plays an up-tempo style of basketball, is exciting. The Pistons are so much better when they are out running up and down the court and pushing the pace of the basketball game. It’s called transition basketball. Hey, Pistons fans, it’s called fun to watch basketball!

The “Palace Prince” Tayshaun is also back in a Pistons uniform. I am not liking the move too much, as I think his best days on the basketball court are behind him. I know Coach Stan Van Gundy loves players with length and Prince has that for sure. I think the job SVG is doing as coach is a top notch job so far. He is building a good basketball team and doing it his way. I liked the hire and SVG is a winner. I have watched more Pistons basketball so far here in 2014-15 than the last two years combined. I ask all you Pistons fans, does anyone miss Joe Dumars calling the shots from behind the desk? I didn’t think so. I sure don’t. I am standing by my fearless prediction that the Pistons will make the playoffs still after a horrendous 5-23 start. It was 5-23 right? It seems so long ago now.

Sign the papers, man

The Alex Rodriguez spring training press conference is over; finally! Are there any words he says that can make you forgive him or believe a word he says? I say, no! This is a case of the Yankees wanting him to go away and A-Rod wanting $60 million. When is the divorce going to happen? A-Rod is 39 years old and has probably never played the game without being on PEDs. Babe Ruth hit 22 home runs as a 39-year old player in pin stripes. That’s a Yankee record by the way for a 39-year old player. I don’t think Alex can pass that total to tell you the truth. I know I will be watching all summer long on this soap opera saga.

The Detroit Tigers have re-signed Joba Chamberlain; whoooo hoooo! I am not even excited about the Detroit Tigers! I see a bad year on the horizon coming, mark my words.

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