Withdraw troops from Afghanistan

We need to withdraw our troops from Afghanistan right now, while we have a chance. Staying will only cause American troops to be in unnecessary danger, and it will not help make us any safer.

I’m calling on President Biden to end the war in Afghanistan, which veterans refer to as the “Forever War.” He must act quickly, before he ends up like multiple Presidents before him who promised to end the war but failed to do so.

Too many of our military members have given what Lincoln called “the last full measure of devotion” on the battlefields of Afghanistan. Now, troops enlisting today were born after the war began, which is just unconscionable. It is well past time to end the “Forever War” in Afghanistan before a new generation of Americans are needlessly sacrificed there.

Ending this war makes us stronger. It gives us the chance to flex our diplomatic muscle again, and redirect funds to deal with all the problems we have here at home. But most importantly, ending the war in Afghanistan finally gives our troops the chance they need and deserve to rest after 20 years of fighting. — Maureen Parker, Flint Township