Women’s Suffrage March at Crossroads Village, August 31

GENESEE TWP. — The Genesee County Women’s Vote Centennial Committee would like to invite those in our community to participate in a Women’s Suffrage March reenactment at Crossroads Village, located at 6140 North Bray Road, Aug. 31. The event will kick off at 10 a.m. with speeches, dramatizations, and reenactments of early marches taking place throughout the morning. Marchers will assemble by the gazebo at 12:30 p.m. before the march down main street begins at 1 p.m.

A mock vote will also be taking place at Crossroads’ township hall building, where voters can receive a cup of lemonade after casting their ballot. Women interested in taking part in the march are encouraged to attend. Those who plan to participate must agree to dress in all white- long dresses or skirts, and gloves -as a sign of respect for those who fought in the movement.

Admission to Crossroads is normally $12, but the first 100 women to register for the event may enter for free. Participants who make a commitment after the target goal of 100 marchers is reached may still participate, but their admission fee will not be waived.

Any additional adults attending must also pay the $12 fee, while admission for children is $10 each. Anyone interested in making a commitment should contact Linda Hoff with the Flint Area League of Women Voters at LWVFlintArea@gmail.com. Those who reply should expect to receive confirmation from the group. Members of other groups interested in joining the coalition should contact Pegge Adams at fsjus5@yahoo.com for further information. Groups involved in the coalition make up a committee dedicated to supporting women, and host various events throughout the year. — J.A.