Work on bond projects continues, bids approved for further projects

DAVISON — The Board of Education approved bids for renovation of the restrooms at Cardinal Stadium and work in the mechanical rooms at Davison High School, Davison Middle School and Hahn Intermediate School, Aug. 3.

All of the projects are the result of the $71 million bond proposal approved by voter in March. Superintendent Kevin Brown said the district received bids for the Cardinal Stadium restroom restoration project and he presented them to the board, recommending approval of the low bids.

For the concrete work Brown and other district officials recommended accepting the low bd of Fessler & Bowman, Inc. in the amount of $106,000.

For masonry work, McMath Masonry, Inc., in amount of $93,280.

Door openings, frames and drywall finishes to J Perez Associates in the amount of $31,000.

For restroom dividers and doors, R.E. Leggette Co., for $31,655.

Plumbing and HVAC work to Dickerson Mechanical in the amounts of $68,600 and $23,800, respectively.

And for site work, Kennedy Excavating for $62,391.

The bids totaled $416,726.

“It may seem odd to award these contracts to all of these different companies for this one project,” said Brown. “The idea behind this was to save the district a little bit of money. Instead of hiring a general contractor, who would then subcontract all of this work and take a cut off the top, we decided to bid each of them individually to allow different vendors to come in and compete for those jobs and hopefully reduce the cost to the district overall, and it saved us some money in the long run.”

The board also approved a bid by L.J. Rolls Refrigeration Co. in the amount of $135,000 for the mechanical upgrades at Davison High School, Hahn Intermediate and the Middle School.

Many critical needs projects are already underway, such as roofing at Siple, DHS and the Alternative Education building, said Brown.

He said the work on the new roof on the high school gymnasium is complete and the Alternative Education building roof is almost finished. Crews are also working at Siple Elementary of the roof there.

Brown said the design work is ongoing right now for the new performing arts center that will be built at Davison High School. He called the architectural drawings “amazing” and said it will be a very big project when completed.

“There’s a lot going on over the next few years,” said Brown.