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The World Series has produced two epic games so far in the Fall Classic. The Game Two win by Houston was a wild one, as the Astros rallied to beat the Dodgers. The pitching of Justin Verlander was a picture-perfect two hitter except for a minor flaw that was two hits that were both home runs. It took a Houston rally to get him off the hook for the loss.

Game five had a little bit of everything, except good pitching. The Houston Astros battled back twice from threerun deficits to tie the score. If you toss in that it was against Clayton Kershaw, the Dodgers ace, and that makes it almost unbelievable. The Dodgers, down three runs themselves in the ninth inning, rallied to tie the score to send it to extra innings. Houston finally won it 13-12 to take a 3-2 lead in the World Series.

Both teams’ bullpens have been a brutal nightmare so far. I stated last week that if Justin Verlander tossed some gems and his team won the World Series, it would make him a hall of fame pitcher. The first was more than a gem, in my opinion, even though he did not get the win. The World Series resumed Tuesday night in Los Angles. The man on the hill was none other than Justin Verlander. Justin had the baseball in his hands and could have made the Houston Astros World Series winners with a win. But a late Dodger rally forced a Game 7 with a 3-1 win.

Can any athlete not want that? And, to be honest, the trade Houston made for him will look masterful. Justin has already swallowed two World Series defeats while pitching for the Detroit Tigers. I was pulling for him to achieve the pinnacle of baseball and win Game Six. I picked the Dodgers to win the World Series, so that should make the Astros the winners right there! Go Justin and Go Houston!

How do they stack up?

The first college football rankings were released Tuesday night. Here is how I would rank them: The No. 1 team is a Captain Obvious in Alabama. The No. 2 team is Captain Obvious’ twin brother, Georgia. The No. 3 team should be Clemson, which has played a very tough schedule so far. The fourth spot is a battle between the Ohio State Buckeyes, Notre Dame and Penn State. I don’t want to hear about Wisconsin. Its schedule was so weak that maybe next year it can play Mary Sister of the Blind and Mary Kay Cosmetics teams. My fourth spot goes to the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame. I just think they are most deserving at this point of the season. There is lots of football left, so when the rankings come out, don’t scream if your team is not in the top four. We all know it will change over the next five weeks.

Tough pill for Sparty

The Michigan State Spartans suffered a tough three-overtime loss to Northwestern last week. What a great football game to watch, though. The Spartans cannot mourn the loss too long, as Penn State comes for a visit Saturday. The kick-off is set for high noon and the game can be seen on FOX.

The Michigan Wolverines finally made the quarterback switch I stated needed to happen in last week’s column. The redshirt-freshman, Brandon Peters, took over for the horrible John O’Korn and led three touchdown drives on his first three possessions. Thanks, Jimmy Harbaugh, for the previous weeks of being a stubborn horse’s tail and making us watch horrible football. The Wolverines will play a night game at 7:30 p.m. in the Big House, also on FOX.

Must-win for Motor City Kitties

The Lions have a Monday game with the Green Bay Packers on the road. This is a must-win if they want any aspirations of playing football in January. The loss last Sunday night to Pittsburgh was sickening. The offensive play calling, coach bonehead Caldwell’s decisions, and five red zone trips with no touchdowns was embarrassing. Come on! Close to five yards of offense and no touchdowns? S.O.L: Same Old Lions. There; I said it! Darn, but I do get sick of them! The misery of watching the Lions makes me want to drink! So frustrating!

The NFL picks cooled off like the weather. Let’s try again:

NEW YORK JETS + 3.5 over Buffalo
Denver + 8 over PHILADELPHIA
N.Y. GIANTS +3.5 over L.A. Rams
Tampa Bay + 7 over NEW ORLEANS
JACKSONVILLE – 5.5 over Cincinnati
Atlanta + 2.5 over CAROLINA
Indianapolis + 13 over HOUSTON
TENNESSEE – 4 over Baltimore
SAN FRANCISCO + 2 over Arizona
Washington + 7.5 over SEATTLE
DALLAS – PK over Kansas City
Oakland – 3 over MIAMI
Detroit – 2.5 over GREEN BAY
LAST WEEK: 5-8; SEASON: 63-52-2
BEST BET: 5-3; BEST BET: Oakland

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