Writing the book on taxes

Expert offers advice on IRS and audits

Tax expert Linda Cochran holds a copy of her latest book

Tax expert Linda Cochran holds a copy of her latest book “Breaking the Tax Code” along with her previous book about tax savings.

FLINT TWP. — The words “IRS audit” tend to strike terror in the hearts of many people.

Not Linda Cochran, a tax savings and resolution expert who owns Cochran Tax Service, 2501 S. Dye Cochran Tax Road, Suite C.

“I call them love letters,’‘ • ADDRESS: 2501 she said with a typical Suite C, Flint Township show of humor. The • PHONE: 810-720- thrill of battle lights up her eyes as she describes tax victories she has won from the Internal Revenue Service on behalf of her clients.

You could even say that Cochran wrote the book on battling the IRS. Her book, ““Fighting Back! — How To Pay The IRS On Your Terms”, published in 2010, is filled with advice on what to do when the dreaded letter comes from the IRS. A file in one corner of Cochran’s office contains several “love letters” she is currently handling for clients.

It’s tax filing season and Cochran will be logging 70-hour work weeks leading up to the annual April 15 deadline, but she spends her summers working on the audits.

Despite her busy schedule, she found time to co-author a second book: “Breaking the Tax Code: America’s Leading Tax Professionals Reveal Proven Strategies to Legally Minimize Your Taxes and Keep More of What You Earn.’’ The 216-page compilation of articles written by “the world’s elite tax experts’’ is a second edition published by Florida-based

CelebrityPress in October

Service 2011. Copies are sold online and also are available S. Dye Road at Cochran’s office.

She penned the book’s

5520 first chapter, “The Unique

World of Clergy Taxation.” Tax preparation for ministers is one of her specialties. She also specializes in helping self-employed people, truck drivers, teachers, day care and adult foster care businesses, Realtors, landlords and people with back tax problems.

Her office walls are lined with certificates acknowledging her studies and accomplishments during 37 years in business. But there also are signs of her sense of humor including a wall clock inscribed “who cares?” with all the numbers fallen to the bottom and a folder in her waiting room labeled Cochran Tax Humor: Laughter is the Best Medicine.

But Cochran is serious about resolving tax problems.

She described one client who wanted to settle up with the IRS which disputed Cochran’s interpretation on money owed form gambling income. Confident that she was right, Cochran encouraged the client to fight back. Cochran even promised to pay the bill and penalties if it turned out she was wrong. When the smoke cleared, the client’s bill came back zero, she said, chuckling gleefully as she tells that story.

“We find you more money” is another of her guarantees. She offers free reviews of three years of past tax returns and usually finds errors on three out of every five, she said.

Despite the provocative titles of her books, Cochran said she is not breaking any rules, just helping people use the tax laws to their advantage. She and her staff of four also handle accounting, payroll and other services. Cochran’s office can be reached at 810-720-5520.

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