You can follow C-A happenings on Facebook, Twitter

FLINT TWP. — Carman- Ainsworth Schools have joined the social networking arena as a means of getting the word out quickly about school events.

At the board of education meeting last week, David Swierpel, C-A director of professional learning & community services, encouraged board members to visit and “like” the districts new Facebook and Twitter pages.

C-A is turning to online social networks to supplement and perhaps eventually replace its traditional C-A Courier Newsletter.

Swierpel said 6,000 e-mails were sent out on Nov. 6 to parents, staff and others in the community with links to the new Facebook page and the blog where much of the content from the familiar Courier will now appear.

“This begins our move away from printing and mailing nine issues of the Courier and toward using social media to communicate with parents and the community,” Swierpel said.

Transitioning away from exclusive reliance on print communications allows the district to reduce expenses while increasing the frequency of communication with parents and the community, Swierpel said.

So far, about 400 people had visited and “liked” the Facebook page.

News about school concerts and fundraisers and photos were among recent Facebook posts, Swierpel said.

“We are going to update this continually and it will be a great place for you to stay up on what is going on,” he said.

A LinkedIn page is also in the works. A e-maill database is also being set up and will eventually be made avaialble to schools for district mass mailings.

Superintendent Steve Tunnicliff praised the new social media presence as “a point of pride.”

He also congratulated Swierpel and others responsible for implementing the pages as a job well done.

Tunnicliff said he would pit the professionalism and design of C-A’s Facebook page up against any other school district. The fact that posted comments will get a quick response is a huge step in the right direction, he said.

“Now we will be able to get a tremendous amount of information out in a timely manner that we were not able to do before.”

Visit C-A’s new Facebook page at: worthCS

Twitter is at

You can also check out other events at:

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