You’re so vain, you probably think these plates are about you

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Gary Gould — Managing Editor

Gary Gould — Managing Editor

I’ve been on the hunt again for more vanity license plates. They really are everywhere and they get funnier every time I see them. Some make a statement, others are just plain silly, but no matter what I just enjoy seeing some of the humor and wit that go into them.

Here’s some of my latest batch:

TORMENTD — This is on the back of my friend’s big F- 150. She says it’s the name of a police motorcycle group. I say it is the license plate all women should bear upon their vehicles to warn men what’s in store for us.

EVLQEEN — This one was stuck to a blue Chevy Traverse. I didn’t know evil queens rode around in SUVs, but apparently they do these days. I would have thought the preferred method of transportation would be a broomstick, black horse with red glowing eyes or a pumpkin that turns into a carriage at midnight.

BURTKY — Seen on a big old red pickup truck, this plate is clearly homage to the nickname earned by the city of Burton. I know not everyone embraces the Burtucky label in what has been my place of residence now and several times in the past, but the way I look at it is the town is full of good people and good hometown living. It’s about having a sense of humor — which this guy apparently has. And before any of you ask, no, the truck was not up on blocks. Geez!

THE DRVR — I’m going to bet this is a man. He’s letting everyone know it’s him behind the wheel of his Hyundai, he is in charge and don’t you forget it. And when he gets the rubber band wound tight enough in that little car of his, he’s going to be ready to show all the other driver out there who’s boss.

Just don’t expect him to stop off and ask for directions if he gets lost.

SO TIRED — A Virginia plate, which has seriously made me, reconsider ever taking a trip to that state and driving on any of the roads there. At least the driver is warning people he could fall asleep at any minute and crash. Thanks for being so courteous.

RL FAST — Another Virginian plate, from my friend who lives out there, and its on a Honda. So this was taken from your last car, right? A Dodge Viper? A Camaro? Not a Honda.

NASSTY 2 — On a silver GMC Yukon. So what happened to Nassty 1? Had to send it into the shop to have the interior cleaned and fumigated?

TOODLOU — Stuck to a Ford Explorer in Virginia. How sweet. A message for the driver behind them, saying goodbye before they burn rubber and speed away.

Again, it’s not a sports car folks, it’s just an SUV. Soccer mom needs to get a reality check there.

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