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Reiki master channels energy to promote relaxation and healing

Lisa Lewis demonstrates Reiki techniques for Sherry Hansen of Swartz Creek, at Hair to Toe salon.

Lisa Lewis demonstrates Reiki techniques for Sherry Hansen of Swartz Creek, at Hair to Toe salon.

SWARTZ CREEK – Pat Williams is a skeptic about “pretty much everything.”

So when long-time friend Lisa Lewis suggested Williams try Reiki, the Vernon Township woman was a little nervous.

“I thought, ‘Yeah, right,’” she said.

But one session with Lewis, and Williams became a believer.

“I got so relaxed,” she said. “At the end, it was like a cold freeze came into the room, and then a release. It was very tranquil. I’m not sure I believe in the supernatural, but this is spiritual.”

Lewis, a certified Reiki master and Swartz Creek resident, understands her friend’s apprehension.

She’d seen Reiki performed at psychic fairs, and wondered, “What is this crazy stuff?” she said.

But a 15-minute session in a crowded room changed everything.

“I felt a tingling and warmth,” Lewis said. “When it was over, I felt like I just woke up from a 30-year nap. I never felt so relaxed, so at peace. I had to learn to do it so I could help other people.”

Lewis now provides the service at Hair to Toe Studio, located in Suite E at 8048 Miller Road.

“I am so excited to be able to offer this service at the salon,” said Lewis.

The word “Reiki” derives from the Japanese words “rei,” meaning God’s wisdom or higher power, and “ki,” meaning life force energy.

A Japanese technique used to reduce stress, induce relaxation and promote natural healing, Reiki centers on the concept of an unseen “life force energy.”

Practitioners and clients believe that if energy is low, a person is more likely to become sick, and Reiki restores the energy necessary for happiness and health.

“Reiki is a holistic treatment for mind, body and soul,” Lewis said. “It helps relieve stress, aches and pains, helps detox the body. It’s a complete and total relaxation.”

During Reiki, the client remains clothed, except for their shoes, and lies on a massage table. The procedure involves some light touch on some areas of the body, but relies largely on “the energy from the hands healing the body above the body,” said Lewis.

“(It uses) the earth’s natural energy,” she said. “Everyone has their own idea of God or a spirit. Reiki works with the universal energy.”

Details: Call 810-630-6111.

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