Zoning Ordinance update coming up for approval

FLINT TWP. — Residential fencing and commercial vehicle parking are among items being tweaked in an updated township Zoning Ordinance that is coming up for second reading and adoption at the August 7 township board meeting. Doug Piggott, of Rowe Professional Services, will be on hand to make a presentation and answer questions, said Tracey Tucker, township building administrator. Piggott was instrumental in reviewing the document which was unanimously approved by the township Planning Commission after a public hearing on July 13. The proposed change to residential fences pertains to the setback from the front property line. A change under standards for site plan approval addresses parking lot lighting. It stipulates that: “A minimum level of lighting in parking lots and building entrances shall be provided and maintained. Failure to replace burned out lights will be considered a violation of this ordinance.” Under the Storage and repair of vehicles sections, rules are established for maximum weights of commercial vehicles parked in residential areas. In residential subdivisions or condominiums or multi-family developments, permitted commercial vehicles are limited to not more than 10,000 pounds. A drawing is provided giving examples of those vehicles in a weight class of 2b or less such as pick-ups and station wagons. Examples of larger, not permitted vehicles, also are shown. Under temporary uses is new language for seasonal sales, which provides that “Permits for seasonal or summer long outdoor sales are only required for the initial request, but are subject to annual review by the Zoning Administrator to verify compliance with the conditions of the original approval.” Also the ordinance spells out that signage for temporary uses must comply with the township sign ordinance. The full revised ordinance is posted online in the July 24 board informational packet. If given final approval by the township board, the ordinance will become effective immediately after publication in a local newspaper.

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