Zounds Hearing Center now open on Miller Rd.



FLINT TWP. – Making people cry on a daily basis is a common occurrence at Zounds Hearing Center that opened in August at 5083 Miller Road Suite B.

“We bring people to tears of joy,’’ said Eric Terrien, franchise owner, who also operates six other Zounds centers in Saginaw, Lake Orion, Rochester, Ann Arbor, Birmingham and St. Clair Shores.

Based in Arizona, Zounds Hearing is the fastest growing hearing aid franchise in the United States, according to a corporate press release.

Terrien decided to become franchise owner after meeting Sam Thomasson, founder and CEO of Zounds Hearing. Thomasson’s quest to create the best hearing aid on the market was born out of a desire to help his hearing impaired daughter.

Terrien, whose father suffers from hearing loss, said his business mission is not just to make a living but also to help people.

“My goal was to find a business that had the values, the heart, and state of the art technology to truly change people’s lives,” said Terrien. “I’ve seen how our hearing aids improve the lives of our customers. They engage more with family members, and are more willing to participate in social gatherings. It’s wonderful to know we’ve been a part of that change.”

A Zounds Hearing Center has opened on Miller Road, in a commercial suite across from the Big Lots discount store.

A Zounds Hearing Center has opened on Miller Road, in a commercial suite across from the Big Lots discount store.

What sets Zounds apart from competitors are lower prices and rechargeable batteries, said Terrien, acknowledging that eight competing hearing aid franchises are located within one mile of his business.

Zounds offers same-day service. Patients can come in for a new hearing aid and be out of the door within two hours, compared to some places that can take a couple of weeks to fill orders, he said.

Terrien decided to open a Zounds here because Flint Township is “the retail hub of Genesee County.’’ Many local people who work or have worked in factories have hearing loss but lacked insurance coverage or could not afford hearing aids, he said.

“I think I have better product at a better price,’‘ said Terrine. “It really is that simple. We are changing the market.”

Zounds founder Thomasson shares his personal experience with the frustrations of using hearing aids that did not work properly.

“My daughter (Kate) struggled to understand and vocalize speech,” he said. “Hearing in noisy environments like a restaurant or car was especially difficult and her hearing aids would frequently squeal, causing her pain. As an electrical engineer, I knew that if she was to have the kind of life she deserved, I had to do something about it.”

Zounds Hearing is the culmination of years of effort.

Much of Zounds’ success has been attributed to its ability to eliminate up to 90 percent of background noise.

“Being able to hear in social situations, such as a family gathering or dining out has made such a difference in terms of quality of life for Kate and our many customers,” said Thomasson. “Our customers tell us the combination of noise reduction, our rechargeable battery station, same day service, as well as our competitive pricing make us their first choice for hearing aid.”

Zounds Hearing designs, manufactures and retails high-performance hearing aids for use with mild, moderate, severe and profound hearing impairments. The company’s technology enables breakthroughs in product, performance, selection and value. Zounds utilizes internally developed research and 57 exclusive patents.

Zounds’ Flint Township office is open from 9 a.m. 5 p.m., Monday through Friday and offers free hearing tests, fittings and consultations and a variety of Zounds Hearing Aids to customers by appointment.

For more information, visit online www.zoundscny.com

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