Some words and phrases we can retire after quarantine

The VIEW from here

I’m not sure what day it is today, maybe Maypril 33rd, I don’t know. I’ve lost track after Day twenty-something of the stay-at-home order. I’ve been fully equipped to work from home so my days, nights and weekends just sort of blend together after a while. Seriously…and it is a very serious subject…as we weather out the pandemic by staying […]

Governor needs to be accountable

Hurrah for Tina Furnass and her letter to the editor in the May 14 View. If I could expand on her explanation of the death rate in Michigan as ‘defined’ by our Governor, I would like to have defined the number of Michigan deaths in nursing homes where our Governor placed COVID positive patients without adequate PPE and training to […]

Don’t Let Them Steal Your Freedom:

I am resounding to “Rights Cannot Be Infringed Upon” recently featured in your Op/ed page. I also want Americans to wake up before it’s too late. In my opinion “God Given” rights are pretty much limited to free will and free thoughts. The rest of our rights are normally granted and outlined by the Constitution and by law makers at […]

Letter author wants to abandon American rights

I’m responding to the May 7 letter to the editor from Ms. Murphy. Your title reads; Pandemic is a Global Crisis”. I have also read the letter from Mary Mieczkowski, you title reads “Country needs to get over fear of COVID-19”. I understand that everyone has and opinion and that opinions are like certain body parts but if I agreed […]

Letter contained inaccurate information

I am an epidemiologist and a lifelong resident of Genesee County. I wanted to point out an issue with the letter to the editor in the May 14 edition titled “Rights cannot be infringed upon.” The author of the letter states that the death rate in Michigan from coronavirus is 1.69 percent. There is an error in the logic that […]

Out of the past

10 YEARS AGO May 27, 2010 As Clay Perkins enters his last month as superintendent of Davison schools, he said he isn’t in a hurry to start his retirement. “People ask me if I am counting the days,” he said. “The answer is ‘no’ because I like it here.” While the 36-year employee of the Davison school district said he […]

Remember When …

We in the United States have all heard the somber tune of ‘Taps’, it’s the song that gives all Americans a lump in our throats and usually tears in our eyes, especially to all Veterans. Have you ever been to a U.S. military funeral service with “Taps” and 21-gun salute? I too have felt the chills while listening to ‘Taps’. […]

Frontline workers deserve our gratitude and much more

The VIEW from here

As debates about the reopening of the economy continue – on when and how to restart businesses, schools and recreational activity, I don’t want to lose sight of an important part of the COVID-19 conversation. I’m talking about the heroic efforts of frontline workers who are taking care of the people of Michigan in a variety of different ways. Each […]

Rights cannot be infringed upon

I am responding to a letter in the May 7 (letter to the editor) by Russell Neimann. Your title reads: “Pandemic is not a political issue” and yet the rest of your comment is political. Betsy DeVos may have agreed with the stance that was taken at the demonstration, but she did not fund it. And if she did, it […]

Welcome to Liminal Space

“In the universe, there are things that are known and things that are unknown, and in between them, there are doors.” — William Blake Every once in a while, I come across a new-to-me idea that helps me better understand the world or consider it from a different angle. Such is the case this week when the universe handed me […]

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