Application is an important part of the learning process

Today’s workers place high priority on professional development. In a survey of LinkedIn professionals, many reported the “opportunity to learn and grow” as the most inspiring aspect of their job. It also showed that nearly half of respondents dedicated between one and five hours to learning each week. How these workers go about learning varies. They might read an article […]

Variety is the spice of life and change is the only constant

You know the old saying, “Don’t like the weather? Wait five minutes and it will change.” Well, it’s not just the weather—as we grow older, we start to realize the one true constant in life is change and sometimes it comes fast and hits hard and other times, it’s just a slip into a different frame of reference. As you […]

Take the time to fill out the 2020 Census

When you see the 2020 Census arrive in your mailbox this spring, please, whatever you do, don’t ignore it, don’t leave it under a pile of junk mail and please, don’t throw it away. The State of Michigan and, more importantly, your own community need you to fill out your 2020 Census. Census data is used by the federal government […]

2020 shaping up to be a good year

The new year already looked to be jam-packed with presidential campaigning, debates, a primary and presidential election. Now we’ll be packing a few more things into 2020. Just after Thanksgiving, our oldest daughter’s boyfriend, Kevin, called and asked her dad and I to meet him at a pub for a drink. When he told me Kassie wasn’t with him, I […]

Resolve to shop small

I hear it all the time. “I can’t believe (fill in the blank) is going out of business!” I usually respond with, “Oh, did you shop there often?” and nine times out of ten, the answer is, “You know, I haven’t been there in years.” I’m baffled by that response. Don’t we realize we have a say in the matter? […]

Know that you are worth positive changes you can make

In the newspaper business, the time between Christmas and New Year’s is the worst. There’s next to nothing to report. Schools are out on winter break, many boards and commissions take that time off, and all of the special events are done so people can concentrate on family festivities. So, in anticipation of this scarcity of news, the View staff […]

Neighborhood revitalization is key to Flint’s recovery

At the Flint & Genesee Chamber of Commerce, we believe that Flint’s strong city center plays a significant role in the city and county’s overall progress. However, we recognize that revitalization efforts cannot and should not occur in downtown alone. To see long-term, sustainable change, Flint’s rebound must extend into the city’s neighborhoods as well. It’s with this in mind […]

Roll out the holiday hits

It’s that time of year again. Everywhere you turn, Christmas music is taking center stage and playing over the airwaves. For better (or worse, depending on your perspective), the holiday hits season is in full swing. From my point of view, nothing sets the mood for the season quite like a collection of classic Christmas carols. Somehow, the annual Christmas […]

The memory of smells

I have always been the kind of person who loves that sharp, metallic, tang you can smell before a good, thrashing thunderstorm. I love storms, my grandma told me my grandpa used to sit in his rocker on their enclosed porch during a storm and the wilder the storm, the faster he would rock. People who love rain are called […]

Advocating policies that promote economic vitality

An important part of our charge at the Flint & Genesee Chamber of Commerce is to advocate for public policies that contribute to business and economic vitality. That’s why we have been carefully following the budget discussions since Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s recommended budget was released in March. Although we do not expect that any negotiation to produce a perfect outcome […]

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