Care for a little Mayochup with your turducken?

I t seems like it’s become a trend in recent years to take two words and combine them to signify some sort of merging of two things, or names. Usually it’s a celebrity couple whose names have been melded to form one new moniker to describe their pairing – like we’ve seen with the likes of Jennifer Gardner and Ben […]

Let’s reform the general public

There’s a message I’ve heard repeated lately by employees of nonprofits, hospitality and service industries. It goes something like this: “It’d be a great job if I didn’t have to work with the public.” In whatever setting that phrase has been stated, it has sparked knowing responses from the people listening, and I’ve heard their shared agreement. “Oh, yes, the […]

Recipes often tell a story

Recently, I needed my grandmother’s oatmeal raisin cookie recipe, the one in her handwriting. But when I checked her Bible, the recipe wasn’t there, or anywhere. I was devastated, because it can’t be replaced. A couple weeks later, my mother gave me a tin full of grandma’s recipes. The papers were yellowed, and stained with drips of undetermined ingredients. They […]

Hello spring, goodbye winter

The final day of February has arrived, and I’ve come to a strong, definite realization: I am totally hyped up for the arrival of spring…and totally done with winter. As a life-long Michigander, I’ve grown conditioned to our state’s winter climate— complete with its heavy snowfalls, frigid temps and long stretches of sunless days. But after a while, I reach […]

Being right is not always productive

James Randi has said, “Those who believe without reason cannot be convinced without reason.” Recently I have seen a lot of behavior by people are so invested in being right, they can’t let go—even when it might hurt them or their cause. In the olden days this was called “cutting off the nose to spite the face”—an expression to describe […]

There are many ways to remember an organ donor

When I received my liver transplant in September 2017, I was not told details about the donor. All I knew is this person was younger than me and had done some time in jail, a fact they must disclose before transplant so you are aware the donor may have been in contact with a communicable disease while incarcerated. Today, that […]

Discontent? Might be time to s-l-o-w down

Even when I’m home alone and the dog is asleep, my house is never truly silent because of the tick … tick … tick of my grandmother’s cuckoo clock, one of the few cherished material items I have from her living years. As a child, I admired its metronomic pulse, along with the sassy bird that came out every half […]

Still enjoying the Christmas spirit

I n case you haven’t noticed, there are only 336 shopping days until Christmas. Last year, I had to shell out large sums of money for home and car repairs, so Christmas was one of those you-get-what-you-get years. My family understood, but it still bothered me because I’m usually that person who wants to make sure everyone gets the “perfect” […]

Welcome to the new vernacular

Every year, the English language continues to expand with a slew of new words and phrases. In September 2018, the Merriam-Webster Dictionary added over 840 entries, ranging from abbreviated forms of casual speech to slang derived from digital technology, food, sports and just about any subject imaginable. It’s easy to adopt new words and verbiage, particularly when they’re floating around […]

Chasing joy

Despite multiple attempts at aiming for it, joy has been elusive in my life. With the New Year upon us, I have been considering the idea, again, of trying to focus on the positive and bring more joy into my life. Past attempts have met at failure, because regardless of what I want to believe, I am a realist and […]

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