Caps off to the Class of 2021

The VIEW from here

To say that the 2020/2021 school year was tough on students and families…would be a gross understatement. For many kids and parents, it was stressful, painful and characterized by challenges and uncertainties that no one could have anticipated. And yet, the Class of 2021 emerged victorious, with diplomas in hand and sights set on the future. Their journey was difficult, […]

Remember When …

Father’s Day took over 62 years to become a national holiday in American. Grace Golden Clayton, had lost her dad in 1896, then in 1908 there was a terrible mining accident that killed 360 men and boys and left 1,000 children fatherless. Mrs. Clayton decided she wanted to honor the fathers that had died in her own town in Fairmont, […]

Festival of Flags needs better entertainment

Every summer, Davison residents look forward to the Festival of Flags. It is a fun filled family event filled with a parade, carnival, fireworks, and an “entertainment” tent. There are lot of activities & events that center around the kids. But for 70 years now, the Davison Chamber of Commerce fails to put on an adult event with quality entertainment. […]

Reader expresses opinion regarding BLM

Has BLM benefited one black person except the now-former co-founder Patrice Culler who spent more than $3 million on several homes for herself? Again, BLM deserves to be supported because…? My April 8 letter enumerated still-relevant reasons for NOT enacting the misnamed “For the People” and other bills. The Sound of Silence is Still Deafening. Mandate vaccines? Remember “my body, […]

A healthy, vibrant small business community key Genesee County’s future

The VIEW from here

On Tuesday, the Flint & Genesee Economic Alliance released the findings of its 2021 Genesee County Small Business Analysis, which provides a comprehensive look at the state of the region’s small business community. The Economic Alliance in February commissioned the report – produced by the Ann Arbor-based research firm EntryPoint – to better understand the current challenges and opportunities facing […]

Please end filibusters

Year after year, we see politicians in Congress make promises about what they can do for constituents like me. And year after year, the progress is usually less than we hoped for. The solution is clear: It’s time to get rid of the filibuster — a Senate rule that allows a minority of senators to block any piece of legislation. […]

No Williamson statue in Regional Park

Just read the long article in the View regarding the Williamson family’s offer to donate funds for a heated pavilion at Abernathy Park as long as it also displays an 8.5-foot bronze statue of former Flint Mayor Don Williamson. Run! The only thing worse than a reminder of the cantankerous Williamson in the faces of Davison residents for generations to […]

Remember When …

Why would people come to Genesee County anyway? As we have looked into our history there are a lot of good reasons to come here, one being our wonderful Great Lakes and the immigration to America that was on the rise from 1830- 1919. Genesee County has always been a place of community, hard workers, volunteers and many innovators. We […]

Step outside your comfort zone once in awhile

The VIEW from here

I recently embarked on an unexpected journey and, in the last couple of months, I’ve learned a few valuable lessons that I’d like to share. My journey began back in February, when I helped liquidate a family member’s estate. It was a daunting task because she had so much stuff. Just to give you an idea, we filled multiple vehicles […]

Remember When …

Most everyone loves cute little baby pets, whether they have their own or not. Some people are allergic, work or travel too much to own a pet. My family has had all kids of pets, farm animals to rescuing dogs and cats. The Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals, started in 1824 primarily to protect carriage-horses (dogs were […]

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