Veterans at the American Legion post in need of help

It is with regret that American Legion Post 267 announces the cancellation of our annual golf outing, originally scheduled for Sept. 13. We feel this in the best interest of our members and supporters, many of whom are at high risk for COVID-19. The significant loss of revenue along with other fundraising casualties of the pandemic, leaves us with a […]

Remember When …

Women’s Suffrage movement seems to be the talk of the times right now, since it was the 100th year anniversary Aug. 1. Do you know what Women Suffrage is? The main propose was so that all women and other minorities would have the equal rights to vote, education, employment, and much more. In 1866 Women Suffrage or Women rights activists […]

Voting from home to stay safe

The VIEW from here

Since becoming eligible to vote in 2011, I’ve always made it a point to vote in-person at every election. There’s nothing quite like that warm sense of patriotism and civic duty that I feel when I head to my precinct, fill out my ballot and place it in the tabulator. I also like to greet the election workers and bump […]

Wearing a mask not proven to protect from the virus

I had quite a laugh reading the “managing editor’s” op-ed piece titled, “What’s so hard about wearing a mask?” dated July 16. I did not laugh because it was humorous, rather because of its one-sided ignorance. Apparently, he “drinks the kool-aid”, just like Whitmer. There are numerous experts that have clearly said, and shown, that masks do not work. These […]

Wearing masks is just good social behavior

Thank you, Gary Gould for having the courage to promote saving lives by wearing a mask. One of the simplest and effective methods of curbing this deadly pandemic is wearing a mask in public. We need more local leaders willing to place the health and safety of our community over self-interest. Where are the voices of our local political leaders? […]

Mask wearing is a personal choice

Readers have been asked: “What’s so hard about wearing a mask”? (The View from here, 7-16-20, p. 14) Okay, I’ll bite. 1.) There are those who choose to become a vegan. Personal choice. Got it. However….ever been around a vegan who then pushes everyone else to give up meat? 2.) A person decides to stop smoking. Great. Personal choice-exercised over […]

We have a God-given right to choose

I wrote into the newspaper back in May and had the words “God given rights” in my opinion. Someone wrote in the following week and wanted to know what are God given rights, where is it in the Bible? Our basic God-given right is the right to choose. It is found in the Bible throughout, beginning in Genesis 2:16,17 where […]

Trouble with the curve

The trajectory of this virus appears directly linked to the willingness of people to take it seriously and accept the responsibility to gain a positive outcome. While we were all blindsided at first, a look at the data within the State (and Country) you can observe that pattern. For example, even after almost five months of info, experience, and warnings, […]

Thank you for help after bicycle crash

I want to thank all the angels that came to my aid after I crashed my bicycle head-on into a telephone pole, two weeks ago on Davison Road. To the dashing gentleman with the white beard in the red pickup, it’s nice to know chivalry is not dead. To the ladies with all the children you had with you, who […]

Savor this life and don’t let it go

I am sitting on my back patio, thinking of you. It’s a Thursday evening, exactly one week before this column will land in this paper and into your hands. It’s a beautiful night, a summer blessing. There is a soft breeze tickling the tops of the trees as a mourning dove sings her song to the one she loves. The […]

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