Becoming the Flint & Genesee Group

The VIEW from here

Rebranding or brand evolutions are important. It shows your organization is growing and evolving, and you understand your customers — who they are and their changing needs. It was this thought process, strategic challenges, listening to input from our stakeholders including our employees, and much more, that led the Flint & Genesee Chamber of Commerce to adapt a new brand […]

Double Jeopardy on taxes

So, does anyone (other than absentee voters who receive ballots in the mail), even know what’s on the May 4 “Special Election” ballot? What’s so “special” about a “Special Election” anyway? A very good argument can be made that the infamously low turnout makes it far easier for “special interest groups” to get their pet project approved by a few […]

The Sound of Silence

The absence of enthusiasm about the “accomplishments” of the new administration is noticeable, and the silence is deafening. First, the border surge. Biden stopped wall construction, revoked a detaining agreement with Mexico, and enticed illegals with promises of no deportations, free healthcare/childcare/housing, stimulus and unemployment benefits, and citizenship. And in March alone, during a pandemic,190,000 showed up, 10 percent testing […]

Remember When …

What is your favorite springtime song? I love this warmer weather, so I have been getting outside and walking listening to the birds sing different songs. When the Michigan Robin comes out it is to show us the first sign of spring. The American Robin is from the thrush family of birds and the history of the songbird, was named […]

Returning to a normal life one step at a time

The VIEW from here

After spending a year living and working from home, returning to even semi-normalcy is going to be a major adjustment. Not that we’re out of the woods yet, but as more people get the COVID-19 vaccine and life begins to return to what we once considered normal, I know I for one am going to find that return challenging. Since […]

Keep daylights savings time as it is

Paul Hammond’s letter bemoaning daylight savings time and crying out to have it changed is definitely a dark point of view! Personally, I love, love, love it! So sick of night beginning at 5 p.m.! Mr. Hammond might find Alaska to be more of his cup of tea! Put the issue on the ballot…which side (time) would win? To me […]

Looking for a job? Consider working for our local hotels

The VIEW from here

Before the coronavirus pandemic hit the United States, visitor spending had reached just over $500 million in Genesee County. Of that spending in 2019, $45 million went toward lodging alone, according to a report prepared by Tourism Economics for the Michigan Tourism Office. While the numbers have yet to be released for 2020, it’s safe to assume they will be […]

Hard of hearing, deaf culture issues not in mainstream news

As we seem focused on things like black history and injustice, our hard of hearing and deaf community is sadly neglected. Estimates are that 1 out of every 20 of us have a hearing problem of some sort. Yet nothing is ever newsworthy unless one of us gets in some sort of legal trouble. Many of us have been branded […]

Have you “Herd”?

Today the word “herd” has kind of a double entendre or at least ambiguous connotation. In this country, folks take great pride in their ability to “be themselves” with individualism and freedoms that are not matched in any other part of the world. Yet, today we pursue (some hesitatingly), the Herd Immunity that is really the only way we can […]

Remember When …

Easter is the oldest international holiday, celebrated around the world and basically for the same reason; the death on a cross. Let’s look at some of the fun facts of Easter and why it’s one of the most celebrated Christian holidays, next to Christmas; bringing hope and peace to many. Most of us remember getting a new outfit or hat […]

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