When death comes

The truth is, I’m glad she died. There, I said them, the four words you’re not supposed to say, not if you’re a decent human being. Certainly not if you’re a daughter saying them about your mom. These words are true, however, because my mother suffered terribly for many, many years. When she became ill and incapacitated six-and-a-half years ago, […]

Can’t we all just get along?

I was in the drive-through at a fast food place the other day. A guy in an SUV had pulled forward to wait for his order, but the back of his SUV was partially blocking the walkway. A man walked out of the restaurant and, seeing the sidewalk partially blocked, decided to take the extra steps to walk around the […]

“Choices in Education” timely information

I want to commend the View Newspaper Group for running the “Choices in Education” section in the Flushing View and other area VNG papers. Although this was positioned for educational institution advertising, it contained some excellent pieces on extracurricular activities, guarding against overextension, and most importantly, saving for college, and the importance of homework. These are great pieces not only […]

Remembering time spent abroad

The days I spent in my first tour of West Germany 1979-1980 were really idyllic, at least 40 years later they seem to be. Turned 19 in the middle of that posting, and I was probably more blissfully ignorant than most of my peers, having come from a fractured childhood—spent partly in a family of the hippie-minded— and then being […]

It’s time to reconnect

I t’s not often that you see a millennial writing a column about the need to exercise restraint with social media and smartphone use. But that’s precisely what I’ll be writing about this week. As one who has grown up throughout the Digital Revolution, I’ve become accustomed to seeing technology change and improve at a rapid pace. I might not […]

Let me tell you about back in my day!

“G randpa, tell us a story!” says one, young Gould grandchild. Another one chimes in, “Yes, grandpa! Tell us about how things were when you were a kid!” Sitting in my rocker I stop for a minute and look around at the grandchildren. It was amazing! They had all put down their virtual reality devices and were asking me, dear […]

Why it’s important to invest in people

Private investment in Flint and Genesee County has been on the upswing over the past five years, supporting new developments, business expansions and revitalized communities. We have the strategies and partnerships in place to continue the momentum, but we can’t talk about business investment without also talking about investment in people, or talent. Developing a talented workforce is essential for […]

Saluting our heroes

With Memorial Day approaching on May 27, I wish to dedicate this week’s column to members of our nation’s military, along with veterans from every branch of the United States Armed Forces. Words alone cannot describe my gratitude for the daily efforts undertaken by U.S. service members to keep our country safe and secure. What’s more, I feel indebted to […]

Can’t fight getting old – you just have to go with the flow

Two important milestones just happened in my life, more specifically in the lives of my children, and it made me stop for a moment and think – getting old isn’t so bad after all. My daughter, Lucy, graduated Siena Heights University in Adrian. She’s now looking to go on to law school. Meanwhile my son, Sam, turned 16 and got […]

Join us in a community dialogue about creating an economic vision for Flint & Genesee

Genesee County, the City of Flint and the Flint & Genesee Chamber of Commerce have partnered in an unprecedented, community-driven effort to establish a common economic vision that will drive our region forward through the years ahead. This collaborative, yearlong process – called ‘Forward Together’ – launched in February and is being led by a 24-member, citizen Steering Committee. To […]

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