Nation needs to return to being civil, like after 9/11

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Another anniversary has come and gone. There have been 20 since that day, Sept. 11, 2001. I, like everyone else who is old enough, remember exactly where I was and what I was doing. I was the police and fire reporter for one of the daily newspapers in mid-Michigan back then. I was monitoring the scanner because there was a […]

Remember When …

We have the best natural resources in Michigan and the world knows it; that is why everyone loves our state. Did you know we had all types of mines; salt, coal, iron and copper? All over Michigan and Genesee County there were coal mines and a large salt mine by Detroit. The What Cheer coal mine was located in Burton […]

Career exploration helps students become successful adults

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When I was a child, I didn’t have a clue that I could be doing the work that I am doing today. I couldn’t conceptualize it. So, instead my passions were rooted in what was familiar to me. I wanted to be an artist. So, after high school I went on to pursue a fine arts degree. It wasn’t until […]

Remember When …

The first known writings and paintings on walls were found in the Chauvet cave in France dating back 30,000 BC, but in the Egyptian tombs are where the most paintings or markings have been found, geologists say, back to about 3150 BC. The first public museum started in Paris, France, in 1793 called the Louvre, now the second largest in […]

To mask or not to mask, that is the question.

Your answer may be right for you, but not right for me; my answer may be right for me, but not right for you. I respect and protect your right to social-distance, wear a mask, shield, gloves, a hazmat suit if you choose, but expect you to respect and protect my right allowing me, not my neighbor and certainly not […]

Random thoughts and observations

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As I couldn’t settle on one particular topic for this column, I decided to just roll with a few things I’ve had on my mind. Things are different in the UP: Anita and I traveled to the Upper Peninsula in July to visit her son, Nathan, who lives in Houghton. This was a first for both of us since and […]

Protect the children, mask up

In response to ‘Hundreds of Parents join Republican Party to Protest Mask Mandate, Aug. 26. I remember holding my newborn baby, 33 years ago, and thinking I will protect you with my life. Now, in this highly charged political climate, we have mothers protesting the protective wearing of masks that can save their child from a life-threatening variant and/or the […]


To clarify, in a story Aug. 26 regarding an anti-mask rally held outside the Genesee County Health Department recently, organizers claimed there were area school superintendents present in the crowd. The View was unable to confirm at this time which superintendents, if any, were present.

Remember When …

In some countries they had places known as work houses up until the 20th century but starting in ancient times it was used as a way to get free labor out of people who were in a bad way and had no home. These people were not treated well and were outcasts for society. They would be put into a […]

Get ready for the Genesee County Career Expo

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The Flint & Genesee Group, in partnership with the City of Flint and the Fenton & Linden Regional Chamber of Commerce, is excited to host the first-ever Genesee County Career Expo on Sept. 16 at the Dort Financial Center. The list of area businesses registered to recruit staff at the event continues to expand, but to-date includes 30 companies with […]

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